Borders Consultants, your premium resource for all your academic and professional writing needs.


We are a rapidly growing research and writing firm, having started out in 2007. What initially started as personalized home visits has seen us grow over the last few years to a homework and assignment help center with thousands of assignments done for our clients.


We have the capacity and are able to provide you with assistance on just about any assignment, homework or theses right from high school to your post-graduate studies. In addition to this, as a result of various inquiries regarding the availability of ghost writers, our team has over time grown to incorporate this writing service that is mostly geared at our professional clients.


At Borders Consultants, We Aim to Please

All the writing done at Borders Consultants is highly personalized, ensuring that it is customized to the letter as per your instructions and requirements. Our work is thus ALWAYS authentic and without any form of plagiarism.


Our team at Borders Consultants is always willing to go the extra mile for students and professionals alike by ensuring that all assistance offered strictly adheres to the laid down guidelines and deadlines set by you.


With access to a wide array of international books, academic journals, databases and other resource centers, we are able to guarantee that all works that you receive from us is professionally referenced as per the appropriate referencing styles and that every work rendered has gone through careful research and input.


With a team working round the clock to guarantee your satisfaction, you will always be able to have fast turnaround response times. We are dedicated in making Borders Consultants your learning partner and our entire team is always delighted to share in your academic quests and triumphs.


You Can Count on Borders Consultants


Seeing as it is that many of us are increasingly finding it more and more difficult to juggle their professional, academic, social and personal lives, the team at Borders Consultants believes that by partnering with us to assist you with your academic life, that the overall learning process becomes more enjoyable.


We provide you with the chance to offer us become an option you can use to make learning and life more enjoyable.


Our duty is to go 100% and assist you with your academic writing; and while we avoid encouraging “essay mill” kind of operations, Borders Consultants seeks to enlighten and make learning a more enjoyable and contributory experience with options. We hope to hear from you soon!



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